317 River Front Drive, Ste C

Salmon, Idaho  83467


Tel: 208-993-9084

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Being born and raised in Salmon, Idaho has given me the distinction of knowing how to rope a calf and unpin a raft.  I love the marriage of the old west with the amazing opportunities to recreate.  The mountains and the rivers are the places I breath easier and connect with my roots.  I'm an artist somewhere in my soul and my professional training in graphic design, non-profit work and event management along with my army of talented friends has combined to create this unique space.  

This project is dedicated to my mother, Frannie, who was always my teacher and believer. She's the real pioneer woman of our family.   Sweet Water is my tribute to her love, strength and courage.  And it's also what I call the gift both my parents taught me.

Sweet Water can mean many different things to different people.  To me, it's being given the gift of both living in a magical place and the perspective to understand the greatness and uniqueness of it's simplistic beauty and history.   Rushing water makes our hearts race and draws us like gravity.  The stars over the valley and wind in the trees feel like home.  The dance with rivers as they carve through canyons and valleys is one of the amazing gifts we all can embrace.


This space was created because nothing like this exists for our community and visitors.  This intimate experience with the Salmon River, the sound of it running by and the wonderful natural amphitheater creates the perfect atmosphere for friends, family, fundraisers and parties.  We are trying to stay true in style to that western heritage and the adventurous spirit of the wild west.  


Frannie Bender Tonsmeire, Hayden Creek  1970

Walk throughs are welcome by appointment.  

Hope you can join us!  208.993.9084

Amy Tonsmeire
Owner, Manager & Creative Director
Our Amazing Staff

Lynn Tobey moved to Salmon in the spring of 2019.  Her past professional experience lies in professional ballet dancing and managing 5 star restaurants across the northwest.  She is incredibly talented, organized, professional and friendly. 

We are very lucky to have

her energy at Sweet Water Hollow.  Thanks Lynn!

Lynn Tobey,